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One idea can
change everything.

At FIS Impact Ventures, we believe that at the edge of insight and invention is where we find true discoveries. Creating new methods of transaction, rather than building on what already exists. Sharing sharp insight with entrepreneurs. Engineering a stronger economic future for our partners.

Deviation. Boldness.
Independent thought.

These are the elements that define, shape and reimagine what’s next. And these are the cornerstones of our all-new collective of investment and acceleration in fintech and commerce. Supported by decades of international leadership. Unforgiving in persistence and perception. Driven by the pursuit of a truly frictionless economy. And the belief that there’s always a better, smarter, faster way.

We’re not picky.
We’re perceptive.

Thrive in

The FIS Impact Ventures team of experienced, collaborative and instructive leaders join together with entrepreneurs, inventors, industry partners and valued customers to build companies that make category-defining impacts.

Some may call it disruptive, but we think our innovations are much bigger and more beneficial than that.

We are imagination amplifiers.

We exist to foster an idea from seed, to series A, to serious success. This is something we can promise thanks to the value add that other VC firms can’t offer. Our pedigree is rooted in clients and partner companies international in scope and recognized for a proven reputation of streamlining the fintech industry since its beginning.

And we can see what’s coming, because we’re already there on the front lines. Transacting billions in seconds. On the pulse of trade, growth and prosperity. We invite you to join. All you need is the next big idea. And we’ll construct a platform for launch.

Impact Ventures Portfolio

Equity Holdings
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Partners
Making money
starts with the
first investment.
Our first
is our expertise.

A network of
unrelenting innovation.

FIS Impact Ventures. Eyes to the sky. Imagination in the clouds. But grounded in the reputation, global reach and stability of FIS. We’ve been rewiring the fintech industry since 1968. We’ve never stopped. And now we’re giving our selected startups an enormous runway for takeoff and acceleration. With billions at our backs, an unbreakable network of clients and industry partners, expertise in the technology that drives finance forward, and seriously impactful value-add opportunities.

Small Sample of Diversity and Inclusion Partners

  • Who We Serve


    Bright minds.
    Big talent.
    Radical Energy.

  • Who We Serve

    Customers & Clients

    A global roster of mutual loyalty, benefit and respect.

  • Who We Serve

    VC Partners

    Extensions of our insight and drive to invent.

Anything is possible with FIS Impact Ventures

What sets FIS Impact Ventures furthest apart from the pack, is our added value as a world leader in fintech and commerce. To put it simply, having a globally trusted company in your corner tends to open up some doors. Lots of them. And having access to countless business contacts also provides you with a strong foundation as you pave the way through seeding stages.


Fueling the fire of innovation.


Paving the runway for takeoff.


Partnering with future-focused VC firms.


Investing & Accelerating

Where Brave New
Ventures Liftoff.


We're more than capital.

Impact Ventures is a strategic investment partner. We know fintech more intimately than most. In fact, our parent company drives the fintech economy around the globe already. Yet, here we are. Poised to disrupt it all.


Speed plus fuel plus talent plus the FIS Value Add.

For fintech startups, we offer a virtual rocket blast of support and strategy. With Accelerator Programs, subject matter experts and points of contact, a vast network of developers, clients and collaborators.



Every Evolution
Needs A Catalyst.


Here we provide foundations of confidence for creative thinkers working from the fringes to attack centrally critical issues in fintech.

This is exactly what we do as we Build - applying our intelligence, market experiences and insights as we seek out the sharpest fintech VC firms in the country and around the world. We partner, fund, lend support and see the best ideas through to the finish. Then bring them into the mix of our Investment and Acceleration universe. Spotting the winners from the horizon just as they begin to ascend. Speeding their success to the stars. And, this doesn’t happen with luck. It’s our real-world fintech experience being brought to bear.

An Impact Ventures investment that's now part of Skipify.

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Learn about our innovations in Banking as a Service.

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A unique blend of positivity, tenacity and passion.

One of the key steps on the path of success is assembling the right team and trusting their decisions. For us, it’s putting the best people in place and letting them shine.

As we work with you, our role is an active one. Our track record of success is due to the work we put into each venture and the unrivaled thought-leadership and insights that arise from our position as a global leader in banking and finance.

Elaine Duff
Sr. Vice President, Fintech Advocacy
Stephane Wyper
Sr. Vice President, Venture Investments
Sarah Gieringer
SVP, Sales Activation & Operations
James Clayton
Vice President, NewCo Investments

Speeding ahead to the
frictionless economy

Making commerce easy
and accessible for all.

When you are starting out at the seed stage or in series A,B,C or further along you’ll benefit from having seasoned experts that help guide you through it all.

Tackling bold problems
with novel solutions

Some might find
it too risky.

But with our collective years of experience and leadership across the fintech industry, we’re the opposite. Because at FIS Impact Ventures, the bolder the problem, the more excited we are about solving it.


Your venture matters to us

They say fortune favors the brave and at FIS Impact Ventures we’re always looking for smart brave new opportunities.

Contact us today.

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