FIS Banking as a Service Hub

For decades we’ve
defined banking.

Now we’re
redefining it.

The premise behind the FIS Baas Hub is simple:

Why buy and build tools
when you can pay as you grow?

This question comes as a result of FinTechs and businesses battling to find new ways to rapidly move from ideation to execution to scale while balancing the need for flexible, lower cost, lower risk models and limited capital investment. And with today’s appetite for ‘new’, standing still isn’t an option. It’s time to think differently.

Technology you need.

The FIS BaaS Hub offers FinTechs, businesses and banks a full suite of banking and payments services combined with the cutting-edge capabilities of FIS Impact Venture’s best-of-breed FinTech partners.

Our secure, scalable tools, backed by FIS’ expertise and service commitment, help you rapidly launch cost-effective propositions that don’t compromise on performance.

Our FinTech partnerships powering the FIS BaaS Hub deliver a continual stream of ‘Innovation as a Service’. And as one source, the FIS BaaS Hub overcomes the challenge of coordinating and orchestrating multiple partners, while driving mass enablement. This allows any FinTech, business or bank to create differentiated, experiential propositions, embedded into any digital channel, and contextualized for customers without the need for capital investment. It’s absolutely brilliant.

Powered by Impact Ventures.

With Impact Ventures, FIS is at the cutting edge
of finance, and we’re committed to keep
pushing forward.


Banking as a Service

Designed for


Community Banks



Credit Unions


Digital banking as a service


*Projected to reach by 2025 in US

Global digital payments


*Forecasted to exceed by 2025

Adapting to a
shifting marketplace.

The regulatory environment is tightening, adding additional compliance burdens and further discouraging new and ambitious financial services propositions.

We’ve taken the lead.

We’re leveraging our scale, stability, reach and partners to streamline access to FinTech innovation and bring you services on your terms.

You get all the cutting-edge features and the service level you expect, with less cost, in less time and with less risk. Bypassing your involvement in the regulatory maze altogether.

It’s a suite of FIS banking and payments services- delivered quickly and affordability via a pay as you grow model.

How it works

Broad, flexible capabilities
backed by FIS service.

The FIS BaaS Hub Vision

Back Office

VBO / Compliance Reporting
Customer Communications
Customer Invoicing


KYC / External Account Verification
Customer & Transactional Account Opening
Customer & Account Maintenance
Customer & Account Event Management


Support Mode
Execption Management
Fully Rentable Model


Debit Card Programs

A2A Payment

ACH / Wires / Checks
/ Bill Payment / P2P / RTP

Specialized Services

SMB Invoicing

benefits include:

  • World-class service and security
  • Cost-effective, centralized support
  • Reduction or elimination of manual processes
  • Automated product configuration
  • Optimized user experiences
  • Predictive support technology to identifies and resolves issues before reaching customers

Today without BaaS:

  • Build tools at significant time and cost
  • Manage regulatory compliance
  • Work independently with unproven, potentially unstable FinTechs
  • Plug into an API which offers no service level commitment
  • Unknown or inconsistent levels of security
  • Commit to new propositions before truly understanding the market appetite

Tomorrow with BaaS:

  • Rent the latest capability quickly and easily
  • Focus on your customers
  • Work with our best-of-breed FinTech partners who all come pre-vetted
  • Benefit from a centrally supported service
  • Best-of-breed security for absolute peace of mind
  • Scale up popular propositions, exit less popular ones efficiently and cost-effectively

Get into market quickly.
Stay relevant to customers.

Contact us today.

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