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Impact Ventures

FIV Podcast Series

October 28, 2022

Episode 1 – Accelerator Programs

While investment can be a big hurdle for fintech startups to overcome, it isn’t the only one. Securing industry expertise, acquiring customers, gaining access to the right tech – these are just a few of a whole host of challenges startups need to solve in order to bring their innovations to life. But rarely can startups find all of these resources in one place, unless they look to accelerator programs. Join us as we find out what separates accelerator programs from other investment models with a little help from innovation product manager at FIS, Chris Barry, and senior vice president of Impact Ventures at FIS, Elaine Duff. We’ll ask what it is that makes accelerator programs so unique (and so effective), and we’ll find out how ESG goals are driving innovation between accelerators and their partners.

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Episode 2 – Innovation as a Service

Great innovations don’t come along every day. And, usually, these ideas can’t be fully realized unless the right conditions are met. But now there’s a new way to innovate. A method that doesn’t rely on Goldilocks conditions for any hope of success – it’s innovation as a service. In this episode of Financial Futures, we explore innovation as a service (IaaS) and learn how this structured and methodical approach to innovation is helping financial institutions accelerate their GTM strategies for new solutions and making innovation equitable. Join us as we learn about the innovations that are already helping institutions to remain competitive with a little help from vice presidents of Impact Ventures at FIS, Adrian Sturley, and Jason Williams.

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Episode 3- Building Better Businesses

Very often, fintechs and other financial institutions don’t have the time or resources to develop innovations when they present themselves, meaning opportunities go unrealized. So if organizations want to develop new capabilities, they can’t just leave it to chance and hope that someone else will create the breakthrough service or product they’ve been looking for – they need to do it themselves. Join us, along with CEO of Shipyard Innovation, Ash Bhatia, and VP of Venture Studio Investments at FIS, James Clayton as we find out why the venture studio model is a recipe for building successful businesses and why inorganic business building is the future of startup success.

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Episode 4 – Finance 2030

The next generation of fintech is just around the corner. Gen one brought financial institutions greater technological integration during the dot-com boom, and gen two delivered traditionally in-person functions digitally thanks to the use of APIs and the cloud. But gen three will bring the financial services industry into a new era, building upon the successes of gen one and two to enable the greatest user and institution experience yet. Join us as we speak with SVP and global head of venture investment at FIS, Stephane Wyper to uncover the future of finance into 2030 and beyond and explore the advances and attitudes that will shepherd in this new age of fintech.

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Episode 5 – Disruptive Themes and Key Trends

For every successful technological solution, there are dozens more relegated to history. But what makes a trend a success? How do you determine which trends to place your investment dollars in? And how do you identify the right disruptive themes and key trends? In this episode of Financial Futures, we examine the emerging trends, themes, and technologies that could form the groundwork for the future of financial services. We speak with Vice President of Future Exploration and Ventures at FIS, Ed Barker, to find out how institutions can look to the past to make better predictions about the future, and we’ll find out how investors and fintech founders can set themselves up for success in economically volatile times.

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